Better Managed Development (BMD)

A pragmatic method for deliberately cultivating, sustaining and measuring cultural outcomes and other long-term strategic perspectives

The difference between your Engineering team and Google’s is neither just the money, nor the technology. It’s the culture.

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51% of developers prioritize...

… above all else (Stackoverflow Developer Survey)


Autonomy is the single strongest determining factor of an engineer’s motivation to complete a task.


Post-COVID, it’s never been more important for retention and engagement to provide developers with the environment and culture that keeps them delivering. In the new remote-hybrid world, the autonomous software engineering team wins.

We’re not saying anything no one has ever said before. We’re just the first to actually listen and do something about it.

How BMD Can Help

Better Managed Development (BMD) is to software engineering culture, what Agile is to software development delivery. It’s a framework that guides the curation and cultivation of a highly effective and sustainable engineering organization, built on bottom-up leadership.

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You Don’t Need A Huge Budget Or Free Snacks To Execute Effectively

Awesome engineering cultures and organizations are built on deliberate leadership, autonomous engineering teams and rock-solid context sharing and communication.


Free snacks and foosball tables are nice, but they won’t keep your engineers engaged; or more importantly, encourage them to stick around. You’re not likely to attract a competent new hire with just perks.


At any size, your organization can execute effectively and predictably with more than just free lunches, game rooms and other displays of wealth.

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Four(4) Principles Of BMD

Frequently Asked Question

Where Agile is concerned with ongoing rapid delivery of software, BMD builds on the agile process by focusing on longer term outcomes surrounding the people that deliver software. Where Agile is sometimes focused on the outcomes, BMD is focused on the inputs and people that deliver great software. If the ingredients are right, the output stands a greater chance of being successful.

We developed BMD based on 2 decades of software engineering experience, both bad and good. We’ve seen first hand the business and strategic advantages of an effective engineering culture. Our experiences across Fortune 100 companies and startups, our hands-on experience within the Agile methodology and hands-on experience as software engineers led us to this point. While a young framework, it has been successfully deployed at SMBs in the DC tech market

We understand that it could be overwhelming to consume whole. So we recommend each party start by asking themselves questions about any one principle of BMD they find most valuable. For example, as a manager: what, if anything, do you deliberately do to improve context sharing in your organizationWhat do you do specifically to manage scope creep and burnout within your projects and teams?


As a software engineer: what do you do to make your code testable in an automated fashion? We’ve found that such introspection is the best start for teams embarking on their BMD discovery journey.

We are in this industry. We are of this industry. We are engineers at heart, as well as in practice. We have gotten our hands dirty with everything we offer. We are subject matter experts and published authors. Unlike some of the competition, we are not locked away in an ivory tower. We know what it's like to deliver great software with real environmental and budgetary constraints. We have a track record of spawning successful engineering leads. We have driven highly motivated and engaged teams without free gourmet lunches, billion dollar innovation budgets or million dollar stock grants as incentives. We are real.

 We engineered this framework to be as lightweight as possible. We have a few tools in the kit that help drive some of the objectives of the framework, but we largely rely on the ceremonies provided by the Agile methodology. We are not looking for the industry to undertake some massive re-engineering of established best practices or processes. BMD is significantly less burdensome or restrictive than what most people are used to.

While we own the trademark, the methodology is free to use and our contribution to the industry. The manifesto itself is MIT-licensed - have fun with it!

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