Empower Your Software Developers and Engineering Leaders

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Practical and effective guidance for engineers and leaders in software development best practices and tools.


Cloud. DevOps. SRE. Testing. Practical training and programs that show how to use the industry’s leading platforms and tools.

Innovation Labs

Prototyping cutting edge technologies and transformative ideas. Boost your revenue and future proof your business.


Cultivate your next crop of leaders, architects and subject matter experts. Everything you need to be able to promote from within

Engage, Attract & Retain Great Engineering Talent

Our training and coaching services focus on developers’ strengths and passions and we give them the freedom to work independently and autonomously – within the BMD framework. Our program is supported by software engineers that are deeply technically engaged, pragmatic agilists and empathetic communicators.


● We will help you build cohesive engineering teams

● Help in managing cultural transformations that promote ownership and stewardship

● Deploy the BMD framework for your organization as a cultural foundation. Let your developers know you care

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Cultivate A Culture Of Continuous Improvement And Growth

Give your team the skills and grounding to get the best out of their favorite tools and platforms. Whether it’s Vue.js, Java, Microservices, Cloud-Native Development or CI/CD, we walk the learning journey with developers to get the results they need.


● With our subject matter expertise and industry thought leadership, we speak best practice and qualitative output.

● We develop digestible and pragmatic training material and programs tailored to your organization’s needs.


Whether in-house or off-base, we can deliver the right knowledge at the right time, so your digital transformations, cloud development and anything in between is set up to succeed.

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The effective engineering culture thrives on a shared understanding of how ownership, stewardship and partnerships work. LettuceWork Developer Coaching is the developer advocate that works with engineering teams to create better engineers and companies alike


Our world class experience in agile process enablement , technology adoption , and growth mindset based development coaching supports your company’s development needs at all levels

Considering the frameworks and platforms you use, we focus on helping you become better at self-organizing agile teams, writing effective code and making the necessary technical decisions to make your projects succeed

It’s the Eye of the Tiger!

Innovate and Transform Without Sacrificing Productivity

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Innovation is the cornerstone of success in business, but many businesses need help positioning themselves for the future. Companies that don’t have the flexibility to attack innovation can now take on bold new challenges at the fraction of the cost of the competition

LettuceWork sustains a flexible innovation lab that

● Creates opportunities for innovation-thirsty enterprises to take on bold, exciting challenges on their own terms

● Provides enterprises of different sizes the opportunity to innovate and explore new and emerging technologies

Solves complex high-impact technical challenges without slowing down your day-to-day deliverables

Is led by a hand-picked pool of subject matter experts in a wide array of tools, platforms and processes

Is supported by the LettuceWork platform itself!


We’ve done the research and evaluation, so you don’t have to.

Emerging Leadership Mentoring

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LettuceWork’s Engagement Model supports the nurturing and growth of emerging engineering leaders. Our tailor-made mentoring programs


● Make sure that you have a pipeline of leaders for your business. Help them develop any skills that may take time to develop organically. Promote from within

● Support the principles of BMD toward empowering your engineers to adopt a leadership mindset, even before the change in title

● Ensure that the engineers are prepared for bigger responsibility. Set them up for success.

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Creating strategy

Build Trust & Deliver Strategic Value as a Leader

LettuceWork coaches are engineering managers with deep technical and people leadership experience. Unlike the competition, we’re part of the engineering community and understand what it’s like to run engineering teams. So, ask yourself:


● Looking to become an engineering leader or are you currently one?

How do you help translate your executives’ strategic visions into tactical execution?

How do you build a cohesive engineering team that trusts you and delivers great code?

What technical guidance and support can you provide without micromanaging?


LettuceWork provides one-on-one and embedded coaching and training products that support the needs of prospective and current technical leaders. Executives get coaching; why not middle managers? 

Build A Full-Picture Engineering Culture

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Organizations that deliver great products do not write code in isolation. Your agile practice, product organization and more all contribute to your engineering culture.

LettuceWork has developed a specific set of tools and practices for how to work with teams to focus on solving specific business problems, and leverage this work to build shared understanding, expand the evolution of key business capabilities and develop an enterprise software culture that is optimized for innovation and delivery speed. From interviewing candidates for cultural fit, to coaching, mentoring and support, we can help!

With the BMD framework we provide the basis for decision makers to support:

Bottom-up leadership

Autonomous teams

Agile practices that enable partners to collaborate effectively with and around the engineering organization

Reliable, consistent delivery of quality product that delights the customer

Celebrating achievements

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