About The Team

When passionate and pragmatic software engineers, engineering leaders, scrum masters and product owners decide that it’s time to be the change we want to see in the industry, you get LettuceWork.


Tayo Koleoso started this outfit because he wanted to build the kind of organization he would want to work in. Benefitting from years of experience working with the engineers and leadership of all stripes, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, he saw the need for an organization focused on helping businesses without Google money to throw at the challenges facing technology employers today.

Why Choose Us

We are industry experts, authors, thought leaders and lifelong learners that have teamed up to take a deliberate approach to solving the problems that we’ve all dealt with at different points in our careers.

We want to put an approachable face on technological excellence, free from the elitism, bloat and buzzwords that misdirect and drain the fun out of building great software.

No faff. No fancy titles. No gatekeeping. No ivory towers.

A lighthearted, pragmatic and effective approach to building and sustaining engineering excellence; supported by folks that actually build and lead in technology day-to-day.

Let us help set your teams up for success, so you can focus on making great products that delight your customers.

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