The Operating System for Your Engineering Culture.

The LettuceWork cloud platform provides the foundation for you to deliberately sustain the engineering culture that supports cohesion, growth and engagement.

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Break Down Silos With Transparency Around Strategic Objectives And Milestones

There are no walls between the teams or management with Objectives Tracker

Promote A Culture Of Developer Collaboration And Productivity

Pods provide a dedicated space for individuals to ideate and collaborate across any organizational or geographical boundaries based on subject matter interest.

Keep Your Engineers Technically Informed And Engaged As A Group

Pod subscriptions allow developers to subscribe to topics around their shared interests as a group. Our advanced machine learning content matcher delivers content from the web straight into the pods

Supercharge The Growth Of Your Engineers In Line With Your Strategic Goals

Prioritize the growth and improvement of your organization with Goals, Opportunities and Capabilities

Integrated With The Tools You Love