We believe in the technology workplace that works for everyone

Developers, tech leads, engineering managers, product owners, scrum masters and executives – everyone can win in the modern workplace.

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We want to help build the technology industry that serves the interests of everyone participating in it. Starting with ourselves. Any organization can build a cohesive, effective and engaged technology team without breaking the bank with gourmet chefs, nap pods and other gimmicks. Real cultural change is controllable, measurable and observable. Ditch the pretentiousness. Break the silos. Abandon the ivory towers. Let us work, together

We've Cracked the Code On Engineering Culture

Our patent-pending Better Managed Development (BMD) framework is an industry-first in helping tame the untameable with a structured approach to managing and measuring culture

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From startups to Fortune 100 companies, we are committed to systematically supporting the cultural outcomes that promotes high engagement, reduced attrition and fulfilling careers and workplaces for the engineering industry

LettuceWork isn’t about Human Resources gimmicks, or fancy consultants locked away in their ivory towers.

We created the Better Managed Development framework as a platform upon which the technology industry can tame the age-old problem of “culture”. 

We are taking culture out of the realm of platitudes, “core values” and other generic, handwavy terms. 


We have made high-tech culture: Real. Measurable. Transparent. Predictable. Inclusive. 

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